Your home will react to the cold air during the winter months causing your home to be extra dry. A humidifier system will make the important difference in your home comfort.


No one likes too much humidity. But too little can be just as irritating, especially in winter. When humidity drops too low, you might notice sore throats, chapped lips, itchy skin and sinus problems. You also might notice dry wood in your furniture—which can lead to long-term damage.

We offer a variety of products designed to keep your home at a comfortable humidity—and everyone in it feeling great. All work in tandem with your furnace or fan coil and operate quietly with little energy use to make your home more comfortable. And your hair and clothes will be happy to know they even reduce static electricity.


Aprilaire offers a whole-home solution that helps you achieve total comfort through humidity control. Our units use the furnace blower to move air through a Water Panel® and deliver optimum levels of humidity control with the Automatic Digital Humidifier Control. You never have to monitor your settings or wait until you feel uncomfortable.

When you use an Aprilaire Model Humidifier, you eliminate the unhealthy and damaging effects of overly dry air on your family and home.

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