Energy recovery ventilators use the outgoing air's thermal energy to pre-condition the air coming in so you can enjoy fresh air without overworking your system.


The performance of these units meets ENERGY STAR®  requirements for HRVs. Along with this very quiet, efficient line of HRV comes a new line of attractive, easy-to-use touch controls which can be mounted in single- or multiple-gang boxes.

The Windsor Series is our longest-serving line of residential HRV, and has a range of 80-200 cfm. With the Windsor Series you get unique features, proven dependability and excellent value. Our light-weight, long lasting aluminum cabinet is favored by contractors and homeowners alike.


The air exchanger from the 7000 Series have been designed to resist corrosion caused by extremely wet environments such as indoor pools, fitness centers, spas and steam rooms and other areas that may be tested by a high humidity level.

The 7000 is a heat recovery air exchanger designed to meet the ventilation requirements of homes, businesses and industries. Corrosion resistant, this unit can provide up to 700 CFM for unparalleled performance and a high performance of air quality.


Daikin ventilation products are designed to maintain indoor air quality by providing sufficient levels of fresh outdoor air and humidity control. Improved Air Quality means a steady inflow of fresh, conditioned air improves air quality of indoor settings. Energy efficiency units provide energy recovery between supply air and exhaust air eliminates waste to realize efficient ventilation. Daikin’s unique modular system enables each unit to be tailor-fitted to the exact dimensions required.

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